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Official Selection - Albuquerque Live Festival - Saturday, September 14 2019

All screenings will be at:
Guild Cinema
3405 Central Avenue NE Albuquerque, NM
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2:30pm - (Youth, Comedy & Sci-fi)

Gameboy (Stephen Burhoe) [USA]

Jason must talk his video game obsessed brother out of running away from home, by showing him the futility of his position.

Chemistry 101 (Mike Reft) [USA]

When a shy student musters up the courage to ask out his chemistry classmate, his plan goes awry after his love letter lands on the wrong student's desk.

Apothecary's Cage (Jake Extine) [USA]

In a surreal Gothic reflection of our own reality, an imaginative boy living under authoritarian policy attempts to challenge the education system, strict family expectations, and confront his inner Boogeyman.

Three Minute Eggs (Lisa Kori) [USA]

A meditation on time and death over breakfast.

Hand to Hand (Sara Casaus) [USA]

A Rising Hand Model Learns About the Failures and Obstacles it Takes to Become a Top Model.

Bottoms Up (J.D. Lopez) [USA]

After a few long time friends decide to go out for some drinks, one of them underestimates the true skill of the bartender.

Sara's Audition (Gene Hunt) [USA]

Sara is having a great morning! But now, with a movie audition at 5 o'clock, will she be ready.

Guilty Bunch of Flowers (Wayne Kelly & Matt Holt) [UK]

When lovers, husband, sister, wife and mother all share their guilt through the same bunch of flowers, anarchic chaos ensues.

Killing Adam (Dino Sardella) [USA]

What happens when a serial killer and his victim are both addicted to social media? Adam is about to be murdered by the notorious Balaclava Killer, but all he thinks about is: to take the perfect selfie and get thousands of "likes" on his social media page. Killing Adam is a fierce satire about the abuse of social media, that created an army of lonely people who are unable to discern real life from virtual reality.

ALT + <3 (Joseph Neuman) [USA]

A man orders the perfect companion, but is perfection what he really wants? How far is too far to go to please someone? Can the most advanced artificial intelligence truly make us happy? Can we ever truly be happy when only thinking of ourselves? Follow the plot twists of this deceptively simple tale in which artificial intelligence becomes too human for comfort, and we dive into the psyche of an abusive man and a woman who will do anything to please her abuser.

4:30pm - (Documentaries & Music)

R.A.W. TUBA (Darren Durlach & David Larson) [USA]

This film is about a Baltimore child who experienced intermittent homelessness but went on to become a world-class symphony musician and professor. As a child, Richard Antoine White (R.A.W.) slept wherever he could, sometimes in abandoned rowhomes where he was chewed on by rats during his sleep. Now in his 40s, he still has the scars across his abdomen. But despite enormous challenges, he went on to become the first African American in the world to receive a Doctorate in Music for Tuba Performance (D.M. not to be confused with the less rare D.M.A.), and not just from anywhere, from one of the most prestigious music programs in the US. Richard is now not only a tenured professor at the University of New Mexico, but he’s also the principal tubist of the New Mexico Philharmonic, which is in and of itself an Olympian-level accomplishment.

The Baltimore School for the Arts, a rare gem in the education world for it’s extraordinary track record of success, is where his life changed from a self-described “yo boy” with little direction to becoming obsessed with Tuba and ultimately following his dreams out of poverty. The director of the Baltimore School for the Arts met Richard on a chance encounter and after a one-in-a-million audition he set off on a course that changed his life forever.

“The only thing that will stop me from being successful is death.” ~ R.A.W.

The Waxidermist - The Snow (Pierre Jampy) [France]

A music composer struggles to create a new piece.

Fear No More (Shihyun Wang) [USA]

The story of how I kicked off my fear of accounting.

OUTSIDE - Daniel Laurent (Jeffrey Palmer) [USA]

Winner of the American Tracks Music Awards ‘Best Music Video’.

We must break the seemingly endless cycle of gun violence in our society. The power of music is one way to make this happen. Please join us in our campaign to promote and foster a positive and uplifting environment for today's urban youth. They are our future. Lead by example. Let's go.

Fueled by powerful lyrics, provocative imagery, a meaningful message, and a hopeful ending, OUTSIDE will stir emotions and light a fire within.

Messages from the Animals: Otter Love (Elke Duerr) [USA]

Messages from the Animals-Otter Love Interspecies communicator Elke Duerr takes us on a journey to explore the world of sweet water otters. Extraordinary footage and messages from the otters.

Violet Saturn - Sweetest Life (Lauren Carr Reed & Spencer Carr Reed) [USA]

All Styles Welcome (Allonzo Armijo) [USA]

In the heart of Downtown Albuquerque, culture and community intersect at a small barber shop on Yrisarri Block.

Being Tight (Lea Jones & Marc Waszkiewicz) [USA]

Vietnam veterans, like all vets, bonded in ways only they can know. They called this camaraderie "being tight."

6:30pm - (Drama)

A Soldier's Passage (Chapter Three) (Paul Ingles) [USA]

Tom Williams, a 93-year old decorated World War 2 Veteran, meets some of his greatest challenges as he nears the end of a long life. He and his son, Paul, find there are powerful lessons still to learn about themselves and each other as they both steer through the difficult days. (Chapter 3 of a 6-Chapter mini-series)

In Chapter 3, Tom's children disagree about whether and when to put Tom under hospice care with 24/7 home-health aide support. Daughter Jane, about to leave on a long vacation, advocates for the extra care while Tom's sons Paul and Steve think it's too soon. Tom resists the extra care steps too until an incident helps convince him that he might need the extra help after all. The family comes together on the decision to go with hospice and the home-health and the extra care regimen begins with mixed reviews early on from Tom. Along the way, Paul learns a surprising story about how Tom came to love baseball. Paul also explains to his therapist Don why he thinks his dad had a hard time getting close to people of other races and ethnicities.

A Day in the Park (James Liakos & Eric Smigiel) [USA]

A man reconsiders a life choice after connecting with a stranger on a park bench.

A Ferry Tale (Mehmet Tığlı) [Turkey]

This short film is about a father and his two autistic children. They get on ferry in a wintry day. They meet with some disappointing incidents in their short trip. Due to some impatient passengers' reactions to his children's unintentional actions, father feels sad and loses his hope.

A Bitter Reckoning (Albert Fry Jr. & Amber LeRae Earls) [USA]

When Sheriff Rodgers returns with more questions, it becomes obvious that the suicide of Lester’s father is not an open-and-shut case.

Aboriginal Radio (Adrien Sommen) [France]

At Montpellier, thirty-year-old Julie works at "Aboriginal Radio" with her partner, Damien. They both create this radio with music and call in. Secretary and radio technician combined, she is exhausted by having to be responsible for everything, supporting Damien, star of the radio. One morning, Julie starts suffering throat pain, which upset her daily routine. She fears that she might have a simple sore throat, but her doctor informs her that she is suffering from something entirely different.

8:30pm - (Death & Horror)

Bad Situation (Martin G Castaneda) [USA]

A final discussion with death.

Intrusive Thoughts (Daniel Ruczko) [USA]

A young woman tortured by jealousy is waiting for her husband to return from work, while holding on to her last bit of sanity.

The Desecrated (John Gray) [USA]

A young morgue attendant encounters an unwelcome visitor.